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Neon green video frame with plasma waves around its edges and outlined with magenta
Blastbots logo

Hello Robochief! I'm Professor Otto Von Harebrain, your chief scientific, astronomical, and astrological advisor!

Welcome to the aptly-named planet of Khaos-5 - the home of the Blastbots! The Blastbots are a group of autonomous robots with a major self-destructive streak.

For the last 5,000 years, you have been battling for control over Khaos-5! You have just detected a gigantic meteor - codenamed Interstellar Collission Unit-812 (or "ICU-812" for short) - and it's on its way to destroy Khaos-5!

Now, you have ten turns or less to:

  • Escape: Evacuate as many of your Blastbots as robot-ily possible before ICU-812 makes impact; and
  • Destroy: Sabotage other Blastbot tribes" escape efforts!

It's all up to you now, Robochief! It's sonic boom or sonic bust! Certain doom or eat my space dust! Solder... or... cannon fodder!?

Will you be able to survive!??? Impact in t-minus: 10, 9, 8...

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Launch grid card Agent card with an red background Go Phishing Bot card with a blue background +2 rocket card with a yellow background Blastbots box art featuring Professor Otto Von Harebrain Circular resource grid card
Purple meteor game piece Blue meteor game piece Orange meteor game piece Red meteor game piece Purple rocket game piece Blue rocket game piece Orange rocket game piece Red rocket game piece

BLASTBOTS is a turn-based strategy board game with a dual-focus on strategic card play and tactile elements. Multiple paths to victory require players to be adaptive in response to other players' tactics. A turn counter creates urgency by limiting the number of turns until a gigantic meteor makes impact and the game ends.

You start the game with ten turns to evacuate your BLASTBOTS and sabotage your enemies. When the first player's meteor totem crosses the threshold to IMPACT, the game immediately ends. Because, you know, planets don't react too well to a meteor crashing into them. Think fire. Brimstone. Toxic fumes. Floor is actually lava. No available parking (because of the lava). Core instability --- and not the kind you can fix with yoga or probiotic yogurt. And worst of all, getting outmoded.

There are three different ways you can win:

  • ESCAPE VICTORY: Be the first player to blast 15 of your rockets into space! OLLY-OLLY-OXYGEN-FREE!
  • DESTRUCTION VICTORY: Be the first player to turn 15 enemy rockets into space dust! HYPERSONIC-BOOM-SHAKALAKALAKALAKA!
  • HIGH SCORE VICTORY: If any player's meteor reaches IMPACT on the DOOMSDAY CLOCK before a player achieves an ESCAPE or DESTRUCTION VICTORY, the player with the most points wins. Don't worry: If multiple players tie for the most points, which probably won't happen, there is a tiebreaker rule that determines the winner (because ties are for shoelaces and lesser robots). ENTER YOUR INERTIALS!
An animated Hackerbot (a floppy disk shaped robot) extending arms then raising them upwards Burglebot crouching with one leg extended +1 Rocket: Professor Otto with one hand indicating 1 with a rocket in the background A mech with a TV for a chest, a 3 pronged claw on one hand, and a rocket launcher on its shoulder, glowing yellow A teleporter consisting of a few floating bots with conical beams directed at a rocket that they surround
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